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Peach and Grilled Chicken Salad with Sweet Vinaigrette

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Basil Chicken
500 gr Chicken Breast
1/3 cup (chopped) Basil
2 cloves (crushed) Garlic
3 tbsp Olive Oil
to taste Salt
to taste Pepper
Peach Salad
bag 3-4 persons Mixed Salad
2 (1 sliced thinly, other chopped) Peach
75 gr (crushed) Pecan Nuts
150 gr (crumbled) Feta Cheese
1 (sliced thinly) Red Onion
1/3 cup Olive Oil
3 tbsp White Vinegar
1 tbsp Honey
2 tsp Dijon Mustard
1 tbsp Dill
to taste Salt
to taste Pepper

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Peach and Grilled Chicken Salad with Sweet Vinaigrette

  • Healthy
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    A tasty, fresh salad with peach and basil marinated chicken.

    • 40 min
    • Serves 4
    • Easy


    Time for a healthy dish! When I think about summer, I think of nice dinners in the evening with family or friends and enjoying the nice weather, food, a nice wine and endless talks. But good food isn’t always as healthy as we would like it to be, so sometimes we have a tasty, low-fat salad, to make up for all the other delicious meals we make!

    This grilled basil chicken and peach salad is a nice recipe for a summer’s day, very simple and doesn’t need a lot of skill to make. Enjoy the amazing flavours!

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    Marinating Basil Chicken

    Cut the chicken in half through the middle so you have nice big slices.
    Add the chicken, basil, garlic and olive oil together in a bowl or bag and let it marinade for 30-40 minutes.



    Add the olive oil, white vinegar and honey in a bowl and whisk for 1 min.
    After that, add the dijon mustard and dille and whisk until everything is nicely spread.
    Add salt and pepper to your taste.


    Peach Salad

    Toss the salad and thinly sliced onions together with a third of the feta cheese until mixed.
    Decorate the top with the peaches, pecannuts and the rest of the finely crumbled feta.


    Grilling the Chicken

    Take the chicken out of the fridge, grill the big slices in a grilling pan until you have nice golden brown stripes.
    Take chicken out and let it rest for 10 mins out of the pan.
    Cut in nice stripes and add them on top of the salad.


    Plating up

    Drizzle the vinaigrette on top of your salad and enjoy your Grilled Basil Chicken and Peach Salad!

    Daniel van de Graaf

    Hello there! I'm Daniël, 32 years young, from the Netherlands and a big foodie! I've always enjoyed cooking and food, throughout the years I gained certain cooking skills (especially in the meat category) and kept on going. I started this project together with Adriana to share our interest and joy in making the most amazing dishes, desserts and snacks :) I hope you all will enjoy our recipes and keep on cooking!

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