Crispy Chicken Salad

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Crispy Chicken Salad

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1 crop Iceberg Salad
1/3 Red Cabbage replaceable with 200 gr shredded red cabbage (bag)
1/3 White Cabbage replaceable with 200 gr shredded white cabbage (bag)
1 big Carrot
1/2 Cucumber
3 pieces Spring Onion
Salad Dressing
2 tbsp Mayonaise
1 heaped tsp Mustard
1 tbsp Sesame Seeds can be mixed black/white seeds
1 tsp Rice Vinegar replaceable with normal vinegar
1 tbsp Honey
1 tsp Dill
to your own taste Salt
to your own taste Black Pepper
Crispy Chicken
500 gr. (around 2 big pieces) Chicken Breast
250 gr. Cornflakes (no sugar) If you need more for coating, add more
100 gr. Plain Flour
1 big Egg
1 tsp Black Pepper
75 ml Milk
500 ml Vegetable Oil

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A Crunchy Crispy Chicken Salad!



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    Making the Salad

    First we shred or cut up the salad, red and white cabbage into pieces fit for a salad. This can anywhere be between big chunks or thinly sliced pieces, depending on your own preference for actually eating salads! My preference is cutting it up finely. Put everything into a big bowl after you're done.

    - Cut/shred up the red and white cabbage.
    - Cut/shred the salad.


    After taking care of the big work, we start on the finer pieces of the salad (yes, this salad is a work of art, ahem..) Grate the carrot roughly, cut the cucumber in thick quarter slices. After that, cut small rings out of the spring onions. Add your cut up vegetables to the bowl with the cabbage and salad and give it a good toss or stir! When all your ingredients are mixed well together cover it and give it a rest to let flavours set.

    - Grate the carrot
    - Cut the cucumber in quarter pieces
    - Slice spring onions in small rings
    - Put all the ingredients together with the salad and toss!


    Making the Dressing

    Now we move on to the dressing. Grab a bowl and add 2 tablespoons of mayonaise (my preference is a mayonaise with a bit of sweet taste, but Hellman's or any other is also fine). Put in a heaped teaspoon of mustard, a teaspoon of rice vinegar (or any other vinegar you have laying around) and a nice tablespoon of honey. Mix all these together with a spoon and let it set for a few minutes.

    - Add mayonaise, mustard, rice vinegar and honey together in a bowl and mix.


    After the mixture is set, add the dill and sesame seeds and give it a good stir. It should look a bit like the picture shown here. If you like the dressing to be a bit more liquid or oily, you can always add some olive or vegetable oil.


    Final Step: the Crispy Chicken

    And now for the moment most of us have been waiting for: the Crispy Chicken! This is a bit tricky, but for the people who have a bit of experience with frying food in a pan it should be easy. Grab a large pan with a high standing edge (like a saute pan or any pan that you can fry safely in, safety first!), fill the pan with oil and put it on a low fire to start warming up the oil.

    Now we start on preparing the crispy layer for the chicken:

    Grab another bowl and crack the egg in it, add the milk and whisk it alltogether till you have a nice uni-colored mixture.

    Crush the cornflakes in a big bag or however you want to take out your anger on them. Put the crushed cornflakes in a bowl and add the flour, pepper and some salt to them and mix it all together so the cornflakes are covered in flour.

    - Heat oil in a saute pan (or any high edged pan) on low fire.
    - Crush cornflakes, add them with flour and seasoning in a bowl and mix till cornflakes are covered in flour.
    - Add the egg and milk in another bowl and whisk till mixed well.


    Cut up the chicken in small strips (however you like them, long strips, fat strips, nuggets, we all have our own preference!). Check if the oil is heated (throw a tiny piece of bread in it and see if it starts fryint and sizzling), if so you can start on the frying, if not, put the fire a bit higher!

    Grab a cut chicken strip and powder it with a bit of flour, drag it through the egg/milk mixture and cover it with the crushed cornflake/flour mixture till fully covered in the last bowl. If needed you can press the cornflake coating a bit into the chicken to make sure it's stuck better to the chicken.

    When fully covered, carefully place the chicken into the frying oil and fry them untill golden brown. After this place them on a plate or in a bowl with some kitchen paper to soak up the excess oil (we don't want to do the healthiness of the dish any bad of course..) Repeat this till all your chicken is done and you tasted enough, to "check" if it's good..

    - Cut the chicken breast into strips.
    - Powder chicken strips with a bit of flour.
    - Put powdered chicken strips through egg-mixture.
    - Cover egg-soaked chicken strips in cornflake/flour mixture untill fully covered.
    - Fry them untill golden brown in the oil.


    Plating up your delicious Crispy Chicken Salad

    Well, if you have some chicken left (some of us can't control themselves.. who me..!?), put your salad in a nice looking bowl and drizzle some dressing on top, carefully place your chicken strips on top of the salad and cover them with a bit of dressing as well.. and voila! Your Crispy Chicken Salad is done! Enjoy your creation..

    Daniel van de Graaf

    Hello there! I'm Daniël, 32 years young, from the Netherlands and a big foodie! I've always enjoyed cooking and food, throughout the years I gained certain cooking skills (especially in the meat category) and kept on going. I started this project together with Adriana to share our interest and joy in making the most amazing dishes, desserts and snacks :) I hope you all will enjoy our recipes and keep on cooking!

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