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Beef Enchiladas with Homemade Sauce

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Beef Enchiladas with Homemade Sauce

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6 Tortilla Wraps
1 kg Minced Meat (Beef) we like them meaty
1 big Onion
450 g Red Beans 1 big can
400 g Gouda Cheese or any other melting cheese
100 g Cheddar 2 slices
2 cloves Garlic minced
1 tbsp Chives
1 tbsp Parsley
5 Green Chillies (mild)
Sauce 1 (mild)
3 tbsp Olive Oil
3 tbsp Plain Flour
680 g Canned Tomatoes 1 can
1/2 tbsp
2 tbsp Oregano
1 tsp Cumin
1 & 1/2 tsp Garlic Powder
1 tsp Onion powder
1 tbsp Brown Sugar
to taste Salt
to taste Black Pepper
Sauce 2 (hot)
3 tbsp Olive Oil
3 tbsp Plain Flour
2 & 1/2 tbsp Chili Flakes
1/2 tsp Cayenne Pepper
2 tbsp Oregano
2 tbsp Smoked Paprika
2 tsp Garlic Powder
1 tsp Onion powder
1 tsp Cumin
to taste Salt
to taste Black Pepper
3 cups Chicken Broth

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This is an amazing idea for a Sunday dinner, a delicious dish to share with all your family and friends. But it comes with a little story, one that I have to tell you about, because I almost ruined a great meal with a tiny little mistake. We know already that enchiladas means meaty and cheesy tortillas drenched in sauce. But what kind of sauce? My family like spicy and flavoured food but not too hot, that’s why, I will give you two options, for the sauce, to choose from: one mild with tomatoes, and one hot with lots of chillies.

As you can see in my pictures when I made the very spicy one I decided not to pour on top of the echiladas as well, because after tasting it, Daniel told me that if I put a nice amount inside the wraps will be just enough. And he was right. When I made the mild one, with only a hint of spiciness I covered the whole tray with it, but this is depending on your own taste. If you are not afraid to sweat and run with your mouth opened around the house, than use as much you want from the hot one. But, always, always, make your own enchilada sauce! It’s super easy and super tasty!

Recipe inspired by The Chunky Chef

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20 min

Enchiladas Sauce

We have to start with the sauce, so it has time to cool off. Heat the oil in a sauce pan. Add the flour and mix together with a whisk. When the roux starts bubbling add all the other ingredients and mix well on low fire. Pour the chicken broth bit by bit, mixing and removing the lumps. If you use tomatoes put everything at once over the flour and the oil. Let it simmer for 8-10 minutes and than let it cool off.



Preheat the oven at 170 C.


Chop the onion, garlic, chives, parsley and chillies. Add oil to a pan and cook the onions until golden.


Add the minced beef with garlic and chillies and let it cook until browned and cripsy. Mix with the chives and half of the parsley ant let it cool for 5-8 minutes.



Butter an oven tray. Over one tortilla put 1 1/2 tbsp of sauce and spread. Add the beans in the middle, than add a 2 tbsp of meat and top with 2 tbsp of cheese. Roll up tight and place in the tray. Mine can hold more than 6 enchiladas so I just squeezed them into each other a little bit.


Spread the remaining enchilada sauce (if you want to) on top, add pieces of cheddar, the rest of the grated cheese and the remaining parsley.


Bake for 20 minutes and if you want them to be golden-brown on top put the oven on the grill for the last 5 minutes. Keep an eye on it, because the grill option can also burn them very quick. Serve with crème fraîche.


I am Adriana and I love food, as you can probably see from what I cook. I like to bake and I like to experiment with new tastes, and my 2016 resolution is to try to cook healthy and special meals every day.

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