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Andijviestamppot with Rookworst

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6 medium Potatoes peeled and cut
150 gr Bacon small cubes
300 gr Endive chopped in long strings
1 tbsp Butter
100 ml Crème fraîche
150 gr Cashew Nuts
2 Rookworst

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Andijviestamppot with Rookworst

A great Dutch recipe

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  • Serves 4
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It’s almost spring, but here in the Netherlands it feels like in the middle of winter. Always raining, a lot of hail, icy mornings and so on. But there is a cure for this bad weather and it’s called Andijviestamppot. A stamppot is basically a portion of mashed potatoes mixed with other fruit and vegetables, and it’s served hot next to a nice piece of smoked sausage. In the Netherlands you hear about the most “weird” things put through a stamppot, like apple, pineapple, sour cabbage and pears and you can basically translate it as a mess on your plate. Yes it sounds weird, but it’s actually very tasty. OK, I admit I stay away from the  fruit, but my mother in law taught me a fool-proof recipe for this heart warming winter dish. And it’s just perfect. Smooth potatoes mixed with salty crispy bacon, crunchy cashew nuts and raw endive is the way to go.


We usually eat it with giant meatballs, but recently to make it a quick dinner, I discovered the Rookworst (ask a Dutch person about Hema and you will find out everything about this kind of sausage). And no, it has nothing to do with the German wurst, it just sounds the same. You can call it a Bologna-type smoked sausage and it a mix of minced pork with a lot of spices. All that you have to do with it, it’s take it out of the pack and put it in hot water, so it’s also very good for your lazy days. But of course, with the worst variety that you can find here in the Netherlands, you can basically pair any kind of sausage with this velvety mash. One of our favorite combinations is stamppot with Paardenworst – a horse meat sausage, with a rich texture and a very strong smoke-salty taste. And, of course, as we have our favorite cheese store, you can imagine that we also have our favorite worst store, and that is De Worsterij, famous for an absolutely fantastic selection of sausage and a delicious beef jerky!

But, all in all, even if it sounds a bit strange, this is a meal for the champions. If you had a rough day, if the weather is s**t, if you want comfort and warmth, make an Andijviestamppot met Paardenworst or Rookworst, grab some mayonnaise and indulge yourself. It’s time for oma’s (grandma’s) delicious food!

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Boil the potatoes in water with salt until they are tender and easy to crush.


Bake the bacon for 3-4 minutes. Add the cashew nuts to the same pan and bake for a little more until both are golden brown. Remove from the fire and add the endive to the pan mixing until the lettuce become a bit soft. Do not do it over fire because the heat will kill your endive and it will become very mushy. We want it fresh and crunchy.


Crush the potatoes and mix with butter and creme fraiche. Be careful with the salt because the bacon usually gives enough taste to the potatoes. Sprinkle with some pepper and mix until smooth and creamy. Put the endive with the bacon and nuts on top and give it another stir. A lot of people in the Netherlands like to have a lot of endive through their stamppot but I like it half potatoes, half lettuce. If at this point you consider that you would like more green just add more and mix together well.


Boil water in a large pan and submerge the rookworst in the pan. It needs to boil for let's say 8-10 minutes. Take it of from the foil, try not to burn your fingers, cut it in half, put it on the plate and add a big spoon of hot andijviestamppot next to it. Grab the mayonnaise and the pickles if you like them and that's it. Now sit in your very comfortable chair and enjoy the warmth and comfort of your home.


I am Adriana and I love food, as you can probably see from what I cook. I like to bake and I like to experiment with new tastes, and my 2016 resolution is to try to cook healthy and special meals every day.

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